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Will everyone include their: full name, address, phone numbers and email address in all correspondence

A wide variety of planned events are held at Tan y Garth Hall.

Residential Weekends, Single Day and 2 Hour Events:

These events are comprised of intensive work at all levels across a wide range of themes. One or more of the Society’s most experienced members and associates, all of whom are expert within the given subject hosts the courses. Questions and answers are encouraged and adequate time is provided for this purpose.

Please note most bedrooms are shared. All only contain single beds.

Retreat Weekends:

These weekends provide an opportunity to step out from our usual pattern of living with its high stress levels and to experience a complete change from our everyday surroundings. Numbers are limited to allow single occupancy of a bedroom.

Working Events:

Comprised of single days or weekends where volunteers undertake essential maintenance of the Hall and grounds. There is no charge for working events.

If you would like to volunteer with us either at a working event or in any other way please download & complete our skills questionaire and return it to

Please note most bedrooms are shared. All only contain single beds.

Monday Evening Meeting

Now starts at 7.30 not 8.00

A group meets fortnightly on a Monday evening at Tan y Garth Hall, starting at 7.30 pm. They look mainly at the teachings of Eugene Halliday but also work with meditation, art, drama and movement. The group has been running for over 20 years under the guidance of Dave Phillipps. All are welcome but please check with the Hall before coming to see when the next meeting is being held.

A Newsletter is published 3 times a year for members of the Society.

Current Programme of Events 2017

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Event Date Run By Title
RESIDENTIAL WEEKEND Saturday 22th - Sunday 23rd April Volunteers
No Charge
Working Weekend/Skills Sharing (shared catering) info
SATURDAY EVENTSaturday 29th AprilCarol Richard Art and its Significance info
SATURDAY EVENT Saturday 13th May Sheila Taylor An Introduction to Wild Goose Qigong info
SATURDAY EVENT Saturday 20th May Dr Peter Westbrook An Introduction to Consciousness Studies info
SATURDAY EVENT Saturday 3rd June Alan Roberts Sacred Drama info
SATURDAY EVENT Saturday 17th June- POSTPONED Victor Marino- POSTPONED The Conquest of Anxiety: What does Neuro Linguistic Programming Offer? - POSTPONED info
SATURDAY EVENT Saturday 24th June Val McLeod Iyengar Yoga info
RESIDENTIAL WEEKEND 7th-9th July Tashi Mannox A Meditative Approach to Creativity info
SATURDAY EVENT Saturday 22th July Leeon Wong Balance info

Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd April


Working Weekend/Skills Sharing (shared catering)

In addition to assisting with practical work like grounds maintenance and work inside the hall this weekend will also be an opportunity for those who are willing to “bring to the table” and share any relevant talents and expertise which are needed for the general running of the IHS and Tan y Garth Hall. Please refer to the ‘Skills Sharing’ questionnaire and list as a guide to the sort of help needed - A copy of which is on the IHS website and which you may have also received with this programme.

This is a shared catering weekend where basic food will be provided.

Participants will need to bring their own sheets and towels.

Due to its practical nature and the help given there is no charge for this weekend.

Anyone interested please contact Carol at and copy to and we will be in touch with more information nearer the time.

Saturday 29th April


Art and its Significance

Carol Richards

A look at the ideas as presented on Khen Ratcliffe’s recording as titled.

From the classical beauty of the work of Michaelangelo to the current Turner Prize winners, has our love and appreciation of the arts evolved or simply lost its way? Both as Art makers and Art appreciators how can we gain greater knowledge and insight? Please bring comfortable loose clothing for practical work, any other materials will be provided.

After studying with the Shivananda school of Yoga in India Carol gained a teaching certificate with the International Yoga Fellowship. Whilst teaching on the Wirral she then formed a link with the IHS and its founder Khen Ratcliffe in the late 1970’s.

Carol has taught the Art of Yoga, stress management and related subjects over the years often using art as a vehicle for stress release and insight.

Saturday 13th May


An Introduction to Wild Goose Qigong

Sheila Taylor

Sheila Taylor Image

''Wild Goose Qigong 1st 64 (Dayan Qigong) is well known for its lovely, graceful, flowing movements which are suggestive of an innocent and carefree wild goose.

It has been practiced for nearly 2000 years, the movements are designed to nourish our qi, and balance its flow round the body. The movements are outwardly gentle and graceful and inwardly powerful. You can find more information on

They can be adapted for various levels of physical ability, and can even be performed sitting on a chair. All you need is to wear loose, comfortable clothing, and flat shoes, or socks, or bare feet.

Come and discover how Qigong can improve your health and well-being – join us to learn these beautiful, relaxing, health giving exercises.''

I have been interested in the work of Eugene Halliday nearly forty years. I have been practicing Wild Goose qigong for twelve years, and teaching for four years. I am continually refining my own qigong through my own practice, and with our group in Greater Manchester. You will find our lineage described on the wild goose website

Saturday 20th May


An Introduction to Consciousness Studies

Dr. Peter Westbrook

The idea of a single universal truth, shared by all the world’s great religious and philosophical movements, has been rediscovered in each epoch by saints, sages, prophets, and philosophers. But while it unites thinkers from Christ and Buddha to Plato and Halliday, it has long remained an obscure notion in the margins of academic scholarship. More recently, however, it has loomed into relevancy for those who study the future rather than the past. Future Studies, as this field has become know in academia and business, tends to focus on technological and sociological developments. However, within Future Studies a focus has emerged on Consciousness Studies, being the study of consciousness itself. In this event, Dr. Peter Westbrook author of Divine Harmony: The Life and Teachings of Pythagoras, provides an introduction to the field including an overview of how consciousness has evolved throughout history, placing Eugene Halliday's contribution on the subject in context.

Dr. Westbrook received his initial training as a musicologist but went on to help found a unique private university and then a major American corporation, until a meeting with Buckminster Fuller set the tone for his future research. “To be negative about the future,” Fuller told him, “you don’t need to know anything. To be positive, you have to know a great deal.” In his lectures and college courses, which he has taught in the USA, Europe and India, Dr Westbrook, sets out the theme of his forthcoming new book At the Brink: Mankind takes its Final Exam.

Saturday 3rd June


Sacred Drama

Alan Roberts

Alan robers Image

We will be working firstly in experiencing the complex relations and alignments within the family web and the influences acting across generations, between siblings and in differing contexts and roles. Often these meaningful patterns and actions are held or fixed between individual positions and places; perhaps once they were intensely necessary but now they can be dysfunctional and impede any new movement and progress in life. Our work, with the help of others, is to become aware of these alignments and to release or re-align them.

Awareness of family networks and resonances may be already moving in you, and presenting relational issues for you to see more clearly and to work with. We will not all be able to do our exercise in this one day, but we will be involved in others that will meaningfully connect with our own networks. Some sessions only seem to take minutes, some hours, as those of you know who have worked in this way before, but always they are meaningful to all observing and involved.

Please dress in layers [the hall should be warm] that allow for movement [loose pants, sweaters and thickish socks are usual].

Alan was born in Liverpool in 1950 and attended with steadily increasing age and mounting sagacity, Madeley College, and the Universities of Keele and ultimately Liverpool. The subjects that he talks on are ones that he finds particularly valuable or fascinating – and often both – ranging through subjects or authors as the Perennial Philosophy, Shakespeare, or Patanjali, to the Tibetan Book of the Dead and Finnegans Wake. Each of these are chosen for various reasons that he attempts to explain within the talks themselves most of which are freely available at The mainspring of the all talks here are the ideas he gained from his friendship with Eugene Halliday.

Saturday 17th June- POSTPONED


The Conquest of Anxiety: What does Neuro Linguistic Programming Offer?- POSTPONED

Victor Marino

Victor Marino Image

A one-day workshop exploring and practising specific Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) tools for managing internal state and external behavioural response. NLP is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created in California, in the 1970s. NLP techniques tend towards the use of direct intervention to change internal state (feelings) on a fairly immediate basis, rather than search for deep underlying cause of anxiety before initiating an intervention - (indeed in this context, NLP is often considered to be “at the other end of the spectrum” to traditional psycho-analytical approaches of researching the history of a person’s anxiety).

NLP has strong advocates (just ask Derren Brown!) and is used extensively in business to enhance communication and focus for the achievement of commercial goals. Many testify that the application of NLP techniques have been a revelation in terms of enabling personal responsibility for choosing internal state and behavioural response. At the same time, scientific opinion on the efficacy of NLP is somewhat divided and some people view NLP as an art rather than a science.

This one-day workshop will be highly participative, involving practice and exploration of a range of techniques. And at the end of the day, you decide what to take away and apply for your own spiritual, psychological and mental wellbeing.

Victor has many years of experience of leadership and team coaching throughout a vast range of commercial organisations on a global basis. He is an accredited NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) trainer and his focus is to help people understand how to increase their personal effectiveness.

Saturday 24th June


Iyengar Yoga Day

Val McLeod

Val McLeod image

Morning inversions - including optional head and shoulder stands.

Afternoon - supported, restorative practice. Also: Pranayama, relaxation and meditation.

Please bring equipment and bed pillow.

For information contact Val on 07814008590;

Val McLeod is an experienced Iyengar Yoga tutor (precision, safety, and sequencing).

A contributor with, Les Bolland, (USA) in workshops combining Yoga, Swingolf, Macrobiotic cooking and Shiatsu massage, Val has a warm personality, ensuring every participant is welcomed and supported!

Friday 7th – Sunday 9th July


A Meditative Approach to Creativity

Tashi Mannox

Tashi Mannox image

This workshop will include the practice of meditation as well as the practice of mark-making.

An interactive workshop with brush and ink; during which participants can bring their hand and heart of awareness in creating an enso. As an introduction, Tashi explains the historical and contemporary sacred integrity of Tibetan calligraphy and mark-making in Dharma-art, how to unite heaven and earth though the creative process of spiritual practice - as a means to an ultimate expression of freedom.

An enso is a disciplined-creative practice of traditional Japanese Zen ink painting, a circle that is hand-drawn in one uninhibited brushstroke to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create. The unique nature of this two-day workshop focuses on the approach to creativity as more important than what is created. This is achieved through an attitude of non expectation and fearlessness in both meditation and action. Therefore, to accept the perfection in the imperfection in the created end result of an enso.

Anybody can attend and you do not need previous artistic experience as a calligrapher as no specific language is used.

Tashi Mannox has embodied both the Eastern and Western artistic disciplines in his 35-year journey as a painter and calligrapher. Born British to the family name Mannox his first name, Tashi, was given to him when he became a Buddhist monk of the Tibetan Kagyu order at the age of 22, shortly after gaining his BA [Hons] in Fine Art.

For the next seventeen-years, as a monk, he apprenticed under the direction of a master of Tibetan art, the late Sherab Palden Beru. Part of Tashi’s training was in the elaborate art of temple decoration, which is the traditional hub for the Tibetan arts and its deep symbolism.

During his years in the monastery, Tashi entered a four-year Buddhist retreat, where he worked as a scribe, meticulously copying ancient Tibetan manuscripts. This highly disciplined training laid a firm foundation in the multiple forms of Tibetan calligraphy.

Since laying down his monastic robes in 2000, Tashi has built on his disciplined training and arising spiritual awareness formed through years of practising meditation and Buddhist philosophy - to produce collections of iconographic masterpieces that reveal powerful, sacred themes through the majestic images of Tibetan Buddhist iconography.

He is now recognized as one of the world’s foremost contemporary Tibetan calligraphy artists. Exhibiting internationally in London, Moscow, New York, Los Angeles, Sharjah of the United Arab Emirates, with up-and-coming exhibitions in Brazil and Bhutan.

In recent years Tashi has held numerous workshops, courses and retreats worldwide, instructing in the art of Tibetan calligraphy and Dharma-art with its all-important meditative approach to all creativity.

Saturday 22nd July



Leeon Wong

Using the Collective Works of Eugene Halliday, 'The Blue Books', to look into the balance of affect and cognition, feeling and intellect and of energy-charge and form. During the day we will look through the Blue Books at some of the concepts and ideas they contain on Balance and related subjects.

Exploring how these can be used to help us to see the push and pulls of life and how our responses to these can be freed from ingrained mechanical action/reaction to a more free and immediate way of life. With the aim to intuit the still point of non-judgemental pre-polarised energy around which life turns.

Leeon is a long standing member of the IHS a period which has also included time as a council member. He was introduced to Eugene Halliday's work through tapes and books some 27 years ago. Since the introduction Leeon has been trying to understand and apply the teaching's of Eugene Halliday into his everyday life. For 20 years Leeon was a student of the IHS former Hon. President Don Lord. Don was a profound thinker and deeply versed in Eugene's work having been a close friend and student of Eugene's since 1942.